Scoot’s attempt at a promotional safety video

Scoot has released a promotional safety video of their own, following Air New Zealand’s footsteps (whose video is steadily climbing to the 9.5million views mark you can watch the video here)

Unfortunately, Scoot’s video has missed the mark and Yahoo Singapore’s “reporting” isn’t doing it any good either.

Maybe the best or most positive thing they can say about the video are the character’s Thai accents and what they are wearing. Mentioning that transport operators are using unorthodox methods to promote safety and then mentioning Air New Zealand’s hit video as well as Metro Trains Melbourne ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ video thereafter seems rather pointless.

If the three videos were compared against one another, it appears that two of the video has a lot more thought put into it than one of them. A case of budget carrier = a low budget? Safety videos are usually a bore to watch, but there is a reason why they are there! It is good to try to make the videos more entertaining or to spread the safety message in a way that people will watch, but the timing of humour is imperative which Scoot just didn’t get.

Let me know what you think about the video.


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