Pirelli unveils its 2013 calendar

The Pirelli Calendar, probably one of the most prestigious and exclusive calendars year after year due to its limited availability, generally only for a select few Pirelli customers and celebrity VIPs. Not to mention, the Pirelli calendar girls are usually featured in artistic nudes with most of the cast being supermodels, famous singers, actresses and other celebrity names. Even the photographers behind each year are well-known names and are considered to be in the top tier.

This year however, the men would be disappointed as Pirelli has unveiled a more covered-up calendar shot in Rio de Janeiro. Apart from Pirelli veterans Adriana Lima (who was pregnant for the shoot) and  Isabeli Fontanaas, the 2013 calendar’s cast includes, Karlie Kloss, Petra Nemcova, Kyleigh Kuhn,  as well as actress Sônia Braga and singer Marisa Monte. The cast also features several Brazilian women and images of local street life.

Adriana Lima photographed by Steve McCurry

It was American photojournalist and war photographer Steve McCurry’s idea to ‘find models who aren’t only gorgeous and beautiful but are also doing good things’.

As such, all of the models McCurry has chosen supports charitable foundations, NGOs, and other humanitarian projects. The Pirelli team understands how women might feel and uncomfortable posing nude because of the causes they supported, which will undermine or compromise their efforts. For example, Kyleigh Kuhn has long supported efforts to build playgrounds and schools in Afghanistan as well as advocating for women’s right in Afghanistan.

What do you think of this Pirelli’s 2013 calendar?

While fans of the Pirelli calendar might be disappointed, I believe this brings many positive impacts for Pirelli on the PR front.

Check out the rest of the available calendar images here including some behind the scenes shots!


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