Viral video: Bruce Lee plays ping pong with nun chucks

The problem with society in the age of technology is that people are so keen in jumping on that ‘sharing’ bandwagon without checking the authenticity of the content they are sharing!

Recently on Facebook, a video of “Bruce Lee” using nun chucks to play ping pong against his opponent has resurfaced. The person who shared it mentioned that this was from a clip in the late 1960s and was used in Nokia’s promotional campaign. He even went to the extent of proclaiming that the footage used was real!

The facebook video has since garnered 57,318 shares and over 7k likes, a far cry from a campaign video uploaded on youtube in 2008 where it has amassed over 2million views (the original video was supposed to have more views).

Now for the facts:

1) JWT Beijing was the creative agency behind this video

2) The video was actually a promotional video for Nokia’s N96 Bruce Lee edition only available in Hong Kong in 2008 to commemorate Bruce Lee’s 30th Anniversary

3) “Bruce Lee” in the video was a look-a-like hired by JWT Beijing to portray the martial arts master.

4) Polly Chu, Chief Creative Officer of JWT Beijing admitted in an interview with Agency.Asia that they understand the elements needed to create a viral video

The internet is so rife with an astonishing amount of fake content that one must really do his due diligence in verifying the source or the authenticity of the news, lest he/she becomes a laughing stock for sharing something that can so easily be fake.

When it comes to Kim Jong-Un being named as the sexiest man alive, almost all us will know that this is fake, but yet a Chinese tabloid ‘The People’s daily’ has published the “news”.

The various platforms has already made it so easy to share the content with the ‘share’ or ‘retweet’ buttons, I do hope I am doing my part in trying to educate people to not share content so easily before verifying the authenticity. And this is one reason or lesson why people should really make full use of the internet to conduct a quick check.

View the Nokia N96 “Bruce Lee” video here:

Kudos to JWT Beijing for creating a video that people are still talking about and sharing even after 4 years since it was aired!

Source: Zerzle, Snopes, Guardian UK


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