SMART forjeremy

Car maker SMART and fashion designer Jeremy Scott has just unveiled their collaboration – Smart forjeremy in an exclusive event in Los Angeles!

(OMG! Total Jeremy Scott fan boy in me is screaming out “I WANT THAT CAR!!!!!!!!!!”)

Apart from some of Jeremy Scott’s signature designs that were added to the car in the form of the wings, not only was he able choose the colors and materials, Jeremy also redesigned many parts of the interior and exterior. From the steering wheel to the front lights, every detail has been changed, adapted and newly innovated for this unique collaboration. With white and chrome being the main colours for the car, the red streaks that accentuates the wings gives an amazing pop of color to the car.

The result of the collaboration, Smart forjeremy, is very sleek, extremely stylish and it looks quite drivable too. It is definitely an eye-turner for someone who is driving this special car around town.

Now.. if only cars in Singapore doesn’t cost you both your arms and legs to own a smart car much less makes smart cars easily available. Smart forjeremy would totally be my baby and i’ll happily zip around town in it and all over Singapore!

View the gallery here:

Source: highsnobiety


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