Yahoo SG = Trashy news

Maybe its high time that I stay away from Yahoo Singapore for their news. I’m honestly quite sick of what they report and their standards of “reporting”.

I wonder how many media outlets or news agencies in their own countries will report that a particular incident in their country makes world news? Well… only in Singapore. I think this makes us seem we’re so attention starved that we have to announce to the world that “we made the world news!!” You can read the “news” here.

About Yahoo Singapore’s poor reporting standards, here is a very good recent example. Yahoo SG recently reported on a “Bruce Lee” video that has gone viral, which I had also shared and noted that it was not Bruce Lee in it, and in actual fact, JWT Beijing was the agency behind this video launched in 2008.

All I had to do was to google to verify the authenticity of the video and I was easily led to a few websites (also noted in my post here). But all the “reporter” from Yahoo Singapore’s Newsroom did was to state “we can’t really tell you if the footage is a clever play of camera tricks or it’s the real deal. And we can’t even tell you if the guy in the clip is the real Bruce Lee, but it is still pretty cool nonetheless.”

Yahoo - Bruce Lee

WOW… REALLY? Please don’t call yourself a “newsroom” when you have such lousy standards of reporting. Its a huge insults to the journalists from around the world who are in REAL newsrooms reporting the news.


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