Paris-Édimbourg Métiers d’Art 2012/13 CHANEL show

The CHANEL Paris-Édimbourg Métiers d’Art 2012/13 show took place on December 4th at Linlithgow Palace, Scotland, a wonderful stage for the show! But all AMM could think was how cold it was for both the show attendees and the models (The A-list guests were reportedly served hot whisky and ginger cocktails as well as given Chanel tartan blankets to keep warm & cosy before the show opened.)

The Metier d’Arts show, hosted by Chanel  every year since 2002, celebrates the skills of its craftsmen  and seamstresses, with each show paying homage to a country that influenced Coco Chanel.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel Metier dArt

Karl Lagerfeld also explained why he chose Scotland this time round, the reason being that Coco Chanel had discovered tweed, knits etc in Scotland and that Scottish patterns and tartans has a very strong identity that everybody likes, uses and copies. The brand had also recently bought a borders cashmere mill.

The 2012/2013 collection is a homage to Scottish style and had repeated references to Mary Queen of Scots who was born in the palace.

Check out the video here:


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