Gaga by Gaultier

Mention Lady Gaga and what springs into mind? Enigma, weird, freaky, outlandish? Or inspirational, creative, musician, fashion icon? Either way, Lady Gaga is a superstar who has crafted out her own niche and propelled herself into fame.

AMM recently chanced by a relatively in-depth interview or biography of sorts, as it charts Stefani Germanotta’s transformation into Lady Gaga. Maybe it was extremely good PR, especially since Gaga was interviewed by fashion maestro Jean-Paul Gaultier himself at his design house.

Gaga by Gaultier

What this interview managed to showcase was how Gaga became who she is now. From reading music to being one of only 20 students accepted into Tisch School of the Arts in New York, doing small gigs in the evening, forming a burlesque group which eventually finally paid off to becoming the recording and performing artiste she is.

To do what she believes, Gaga knew what she needed to do, and she did it. Regardless of whether you like her or not, Gaga has become an inspiration of our time. An enigma but at the same time, she is so candid, so frank and in your face.

Would love to meet Gaga at least once in my life, face-to-face.


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