The shoes maketh the man

A wise old saying which AMM cant agree more! One of AMM’s kryptonite is shoes and he just cant get enough of it!

For men’s fashion, one can never save on these items, the watch and the shoes, these two items are two of the essential style element for a man to immediately look sharper and stand out. When a woman looks at a man, most of the time they would look at his shoes first! And besides, its difficult to overdress with a nice pair of shoes. In any case a great pair of shoes will jazz up a basic outfit. Think a basic tee with a blazer over with jeans plus a great pair of shoes!

AMM thinks a guy should have at least these 3 basic pairs of shoes in his closet

1) The leather shoe

The rule of thumb is the first ever pair of leather shoes should be black, once you have covered the basics and/or if you are more adventurous you can try other colours (also dependant on your needs and also your occupation!).

When choosing a pair of leather shoes, Italian designs are generally sleeker, British designs are more traditional. Keep in mind that leather shoes are an investment, a good pair can last you for probably a good 10 years or so if properly maintained!

In the mean time, AMM is crushing on these ARALDI1930 shoes! The green hue on this beauty is just breath taking, you can also see on the heel that there is this pop of blue which goes quite well with the whole design.

Shoe 7260_Tamponato

ARALDI1930 Singapore boutique is located at Level 2 Orchard Central.

2) The loafers

Why loafers should be part of your basics is because a nice pair can actually double up as a casual shoe or be dressy! It can be worn with suits, shorts, pants or khakis.

If you are wondering if you should wear socks with your loafers, look no further, here are some tips from AMM:

  1. No socks when wearing shorts
  2. No socks with khakis is acceptable
  3. For formal occasions, socks is needed

Tods has a wide variety of loafers, these are slightly more towards the casual designs which is good for enjoying a day out to the beach or for sailing. But do beware, if its suede take precautions in waterproofing them.


3) The sneakers

For the ultimate casual day, great for walking, good for attending events that aren’t too formal which can go with your suit, or just with a simple t-shirt with jeans. This would really be your everyday type shoe which anything goes.

Feiyue has some really cool shoes, otherwise Converse will be a good bet in getting some basic sneakers.

Feiyue Vintage


2 thoughts on “The shoes maketh the man

  1. I’ll go out on a limb here and say that loafers should NEVER be worn for a formal occasion.
    Love the Araldi1930 shoes. Any suggestions as to where I can find/buy them online?

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