MB&F Horological Machine No 5

The HM5 goes On the Road Again for its inspiration. The simplicity of the design is a marvel and the technicalities to the watch a beauty.

HM5 is a homage to the Amida Digitrend with its wedge-shaped casing as well as the 1970s supercars of their louvres on their rear windows to block sunlight and heat. Conversely louvres on HM5 is slide operated allowing it to open to allow light in to charge the Super-LumiNova numbers on the time disks.

In case the HM5 gets wet, the unique feature is that it has dual exhaust to drain water and an inner water-resistant case keeps HM5’s Engine nice and dry.

The vertical forward-facing display makes HM5 an excellent driver’s watch as there is no need to lift your wrist from the steering wheel to read the display.

A truly sexy watch, for both car lovers and watch aficionados.

Check out the video here (a video with MB&F’s Charris Yadigaroglou explaining the HM5 is at the end of the post):

And admire HM5 in the pictures here:


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