Old school abs workout

Perhaps its time for AMM to whip out the abs wheel again! Its been collecting dust and his tummy is growing.

The abs wheel is a fantastic workout equipment because its really very simple and doesn’t take up too much space. It also hits many areas such as your shoulders, core muscles, abs, legs as well as the upper and lower back, making it almost a total body workout, but extremely good for the abs.

To do what the guy did in the video below, for the benefit of those who cant understand mandarin is that you do need to keep training and working at it until you are able to do the extreme position – which is to stand up, bend forwards and do the exercise.

The trainer in the video explains that with this exercise, you must have strong shoulders, strong core and strong leg muscles and the only way to get it is to train with the wheel slowly from the easy position and keep pushing yourself. If you have strong shoulders but weak core and leg muscles, or the other way round, it will be very hard to balance or you will not be able to pull yourself up.


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