A royal prank that cost a life

What started out as a “harmless prank” has ended up costing a life. 2Day FM’s radio DJ duo, Mel Greig and Michael Christian had called the King Edward VII Hospital in London. They spoke in faux British accent impersonating Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles in attempt to talk to Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge who was admitted to hospital for severe morning sickness.

The prank resulted in the death of a nurse who answered the call as personal details of Kate Middleton’s condition was revealed and subsequently aired on radio. According to reports, the nurse had taken her own life. The pair has since “suspended” themselves from work indefinitely in light of the situation and has also made an appearance on A Current Affair, a news program in Australia to talk about what had happened. Looking to be remorseful and visibly upset as they were in tears and had broken down several times during two interviews, it seems that they were still in shock over what has transpired .

But were they really at fault?

The blame game is now on with each party trying to push the responsibility away. But it seems like the two DJs were made scapegoats by their own network. Literally hung out to dry to take the fall as they revealed that the phone call was recorded and had to be approved by an internal review which includes a legal review.

Surely if there was a legal review and internal review, red flags would have been waving that there would be a huge backlash.

Southern Cross Austereo, 2Day FM’s parent company, had also said in a statement that “several attempts” were made by the production team to discuss the segment with the hospital prior to airing, but that these were unsuccessful.

Again, if they “attempted” to talk to the hospital prior to the airing about the segment and prank call, they sh0uld have known that this is not an ordinary prank.

While the DJs did point out something, that many people will be trying every means and ways to get some scoop on Kate Middleton, but that does not mean that they have to follow these people. Reviews would definitely have to be made on the radio station’s SOPs and perhaps the hospital would need to ensure the safety of patient’s information. \

So who’s at fault? Who’s to blame? Could this have been easily avoided?

Watch the interview here:


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