Singapore: Wedding “ang pao” rates for 2013

AMM knows he has quite a few readers who aren’t from Singapore, so here’s a quick explanation for this post! In Singapore we generally do not practice using the wedding gift registry, more often that not, we give Ang Paos which translates to ‘red packets’ that usually contains money and its a blessing to the couple for good luck and all that jazz.

So the amount we give is generally dependant on a couple of factors:

1) Location – The more prestigious the location, the more money we give

2) Timing – A weekend wedding dinner would “command” a higher rate

3) Closeness – How close you are to the bride or groom

After all the above, usually taken into consideration is also the “number”. For example, $88 would translate in Cantonese “fatt fatt”, which literally mean “rich rich”, $168 can translate into a road of riches.

With that explanation and without any further ado, Singaporeans, here is the rate for 2013!



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