Rainy Essentials

Its been raining heavily almost everyday, the worst thing to happen is getting drench without any rainy weather gear. Here are some must-haves to battle the weather!

1. Umbrella

Definitely in your first line of defence here, the umbrella is an absolute must-have against the rain! Check out the Paul Smith Collapsible Umbrella, classic with a dash of colour and style with the multi-colour trimmings. It looks to be wide enough to block the rain, not like those small lil umbrellas that does nothing.

Paul Smith - Mr Porter


2. Flip flops

Better yet if they’re as cool as these Havaianas. Wear these while trooping in the rain to ensure that your shoes are dry! AMM guarantees that it is much easier drying your feet than your soaking wet shoes.

Havaianas Trend Men39.90 from zalora

3. Raincoat

Sometimes an umbrella doesn’t help, especially when its raining too heavily and the wind is so strong that it just blows all the rain to you. Muji has this great raincoat that is apparently “made-to-measure”. You just need to cut to size along the dotted line around the hem and cuffs, and the raincoat also comes with a pouch for easy storage and compatibility.

Muji Raincoat

Where to buy these items:

Paul Smith Collapsible Umbrella from MrPorter, approx. SGD $107

Havaianas sandals (men) from Zalora.sg, SGD $39.90 or at all Havaianas stores.

Muji raincoat from Muji stores, price unavailable


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