Wardrobe malfunction? Anne Hathaway bites back with her wit

While stepping out of the car for the Les Miserables premier, Anne Hathaway suffered a “wardrobe malfunction” of sorts. Caught in a compromising position as her lady parts was exposed and the paparazzi caught the money shot and subsequently it was splashed all over the news.

Before we get to that said picture, lets talk about her outfit. The Tom Ford dress looked great on her and she worked it! But the gladiator inspired boot/killer heels just doesn’t cut it, AMM’s first impression was… did she injure her leg and needs leg support??

Anne Hathaway Tom Ford


Cyberspace, twittersphere and everything else went into hyperdrive with everyone commenting on how she could do a ‘Britney’. But who would imagine Anne Hathaway’s come back on the TODAY’s show (perhaps also thanks to great media training prior to the interview.)

AMM would be inclined to agree with her that the paps should ‘do the right thing’ and delete these images, but on the other hand, the paps needs to earn their money as its their job. Perhaps both the stars and paps have to play their own part.

Here’s AMM’s suggestion, female celebrities, stars, actresses and everyone else getting out of the car and hope not to be caught in a position where their lady parts exposed, should get someone to open a freaking umbrella to block anyone to take photos! Its just as simple as that. After all, they usually already have their own entourage around them, its not that hard to get an umbrella to block the view is it?

Watch the interview here:


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