Discovering: Brussels, Belgium

Brussels was a stop-and-go destination when AMM was travelling to Paris from Amsterdam, just a couple of hours to see the main attractions which were the Manneken-Pis as well as some of the street art around the city. Of course we had to have the yummy Belgium waffles and Belgium mussels!

Have also attempted editing some of my images mainly to bring out the colours. AMM’s very first attempt! Hopefully will be more daring enough soon, or perhaps maybe go for some professional classes to learn editing. Hm… that’s a thought worth considering.

Didn’t have much pictures of Brussels as we were trying to breeze through so that we wont miss our train to Paris, also had to give ourselves some leeway just in case we couldn’t find our way around. We were quite unlucky too as the Smurf shop was closed. Would have been great to see the store and perhaps buy some souvenirs.

Also, looking through my pictures AMM think that they weren’t very well taken… le sigh!


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