[iPhone game review] Ovenbreak 2

AMM loves his iPhone although the battery life and the fragility of the phone sucks. But a good reason why iPhone users like yours truly sticks to the iPhone is because of the games available (of course there’s your iPads and iPad minis but AMM doesn’t have those)! With the multitude of (free) games available, one should generally be able to find a game that suits themselves.

Here’s one game that has vastly improved with its second version! It took awhile, but Ovenbreak 2 is finally here and the Gingerbread Man has finally escaped the house and is still on the run; with new features such as a weekly tournament against your friends (following the immense success of Bejewelled Blitz), Ovenbreak 2 also has smartly learnt from competitors to introduce boosts, charms (a pet of sorts that provides certain advantages) and special characters that you can recruit.

Ovenbrean 2 score board

The basis of the game remains pretty much the same as its previous versions, but with the added weekly tournament feature, it appeals to the competitive side in getting the highest score amongst your friends. The charms and character elements does give a slightly personalised feel to the game as you can choose the charms or characters you like (granted you have enough coins or jewels to buy them).

Overall AMM rates Ovenbreak 2 5/5.


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