Viral Video: Golden Eagle Snatches Kid

Uploaded on 18th December, the video apparently shows a golden eagle attempting to snatch a toddler has garnered over 2.7 million views. But do you believe in the authenticity of the video?

Catch the video here:

Many a times, people are too quick to share videos, links or “information” with others – something AMM has talked about on a couple of occasions. In most cases, people are trying to be the good person highlight something of attention to their friends in which they should take note of; an instance is a chain message that was circulating on FaceBook where the user needs to a post privacy notice on their status to protect their images (for more on this story read here).

YouTube is also one such site where it is not uncommon that there are quite a few fake videos floating around. With many websites dedicated to sieve and sniff out fake videos through scrutinising the content, one can easily find out if they are fake or not, but why do people still not do that? Its something AMM just doesn’t understand.

We consume media just about almost everyday and digest tonnes more information thanks to technology, so why cant we be smarter about it? Its not that difficult to do some research (via googling or websites such as or Gawker).

AMM just doesn’t understand it.

Catch why the above video might just be fake here or read the post on Gawker here or read the press statement by Centre NAD here:


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