[iPhone Game Review] The Walking Dead

As a fan of ABC’s The Walking Dead, AMM was excited when the game was available on iTunes and immediately downloaded the game.

In all, there are 5 episodes for the game with the first episode being free and you will have to buy the remaining 4 episodes – you can do so by buying it in a bundle for SGD $18.

The Walking Dead 1

Overall the game AMM felt was quite well done and thought that having the game evolved through your choices is an extremely good idea. Level of difficulty isn’t too tough including the tasks you had to perform in order to move on through the episode. Graphics wise it was alright and it was quite a smooth gameplay on the iPhone 5 (please note that the game doesn’t work on earlier versions of the iPhone!).

Having completed the game in approx. 2hours, although it was quite fun, AMM just doesn’t think it is worth it to spend SGD $18 for the game. Doesn’t seem that worth it, probably if the world ends today (it being 21st December and all) so that the credit card bill will not come!

The Walking Dead 2

AMM rates The Walking Dead 3.5/5 (due to the fact that the remainder episodes is not worth buying)




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