Petition to Deport CNN Anchor Piers Morgan

In the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut school shootings, the firearms (gun) law has been a hot button issue for most Americans and will be a very contested debate amongst those who are for the freedom to own guns and those against it.

Piers Morgan on his talk show “Piers Morgan Tonight” has last week invited a gun advocate to appear on his show and called him an “unbelievable stupid man” – a comment that sparked an outrage amongst gun advocates who are petitioning to deport Piers from US soil. AMM believes the solution is definitely not to put more guns on the streets and the reason for mass shootings in school is not because people cant defend for themselves in the school as they aren’t allowed to carry guns, its the deranged people who were plotting these shootings instead!

AMM doesn’t really get the whole 2nd Amendment thingy, but it is quite obvious the laws has a serious loop holes which must be addressed at least in terms of the gun laws.

Yes, there probably are checks in place to ensure that the gun owners who are registered has background checks and all to hold the firearms, but what about immediate family members and people who might be able to have access to them? Sure the owner might not be deranged and have a tendency to go round shooting people, but in the case of the Sandy Hook school massacre, the son was the one who needed some help and actually managed to get the hold of the gun to carry out the shooting! Which AMM thinks is roughly the same case as the shootings in the theatre during the screening of The Dark Knight Rises.

AMM gets it that yes, on one hand you will need to fight fire with fire, but arming everyone with guns certainly isn’t gonna make America safer is it? Why should there be a fire in the first place to fight against?

AMM wants to know what do YOU think about the gun laws?

Check out the interview between Piers Morgan and Larry Pratt here:


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