Blog writing crisis

Yup, you read that right!

AMM is having a crisis. He supposes that he has lost track or sight of what this blog should be. Lots of things posted has been about fashion and lifestyle which after awhile. Over the past few weeks, AMM has been trying to think of how to revamp the content being published here but of course he is no where near deciding.

Perhaps first and foremost, it would be a little more personal as opposed to just churning out information which can easily be found through googling. Next, perhaps relooking at how stories get categorised and the type of stories that gets published as well.

And the last thing AMM can think of is really push away the notion of being “famous”. AMM got so hung up on visitor stats that he constantly checks the stats and especially when at the peak there were about 2000 unique page views in a single day which maintained for a few days and stories were just churning out one after another, which got really tiring.

So yes, do expect changes… after all, AMM is just a mere mortal, prone to making errors. But what are mistakes if we do not learn from them right? 🙂


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