Small in space but big in design!

Sometimes living in big cities poses a huge challenge. Not only are the standards of living high, but if you have an apartment in the city chances are that the living space is really small and cramped. Even here in Singapore the size of the homes are getting smaller and smaller; A 5-room flat is only a 3 bedroom (other 2 rooms are the dining “room” and living “room).

Ahead of moving into his apartment (hopefully by the end of the year), AMM has been finding inspiration on how to design his bachelor pad (to be shared with his brother of course…). In his mind, the living room will be kept to a relative minimalist feel as we certainly aren’t gonna be doing lotsa cleaning so it has to be easy.

But anyway, the transformer apartment would certainly be a an influence in maximising space as we both would probably living in our rooms most of the time!

The following video is a 420 sq ft Soho apartment that can be transformed into 6 rooms totalling of 1100 sq ft.

And AMM reckons that a Hong Kong architect was the brain child behind the transformer apartment. The architect designed a 344 sq ft apartment in Hong Kong that can be morphed into 24 different configurations!

Y0u can check it out here:


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