Beyonce: Superbowl power-packed performance

One word to describe the 10min-ish performance. WOW. Maybe 2 more words… SIMPLY AMAZEBALLS!!!

Maybe adding watching the superbowl halftime show should be on AMM’s bucketlist. Such an amazing “mini concert” to be at with such an atmosphere.

AMM thinks the Superbowl 2013 XLVII halftime show was a great PR stunt for Beyoncé. Why? She brought Kelly and Michelle back for a Destiny’s Child reunion of sorts, and sharing that little spotlight with her ‘sisters’. It reminds AMM a little about Toni Braxton who always felt guilty for having to leave her sisters behind to pursue her own solo career and she promised not to leave them behind. Maybe Beyoncé also feels that guilt somewhat and you can tell that the trio are extremely close.

For those like yours truly, you can watch Beyoncé’s Superbowl performance here!


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